Is Serving as a Family in Church Rewarding … or Revolting?

Jeff Smith writes for the Modern-Day Joseph biblical parenting blog

Three-year-olds are fascinating to observe – from a distance. Let me rephrase that – from a long, long distance away.

That may sound cruel, especially to those of you who work with pre-K children. But when my church asked me to teach a classroom filled with recent graduates of the “terrible 2s,” my first instinct was to say “No.”

As was my second instinct.

And my third.

After nearly two decades in grade-school and middle-school ministry, 3-year-olds were foreign territory for me.

But one unexpected option changed my mind.

My two daughters could join me as youth helpers. Neither had served before in church. This would provide them a chance to begin learning a valuable spiritual discipline, stretch spiritually and connect more to our church body.

So I swallowed hard and accepted the sentence, er, offer.

Three years later, a miracle has taken place. I’m still volunteering with this age group. In fact, I’ve grown to really love the kids in my care. I’m thankful God called me to this new season of ministry.

The two chief tools God has employed to keep me faithfully involved are my tween daughters. Serving alongside Jessica and Nicki has increased my commitment to our class. They have even kept me sane in the inevitably hairy moments.

Serving with them is such a privilege. As a parent, watching them learn and mature as young servants of Christ is extremely gratifying.

God is using my service to not only touch 3-year-olds’ lives but my daughters’ lives as well.

My story isn’t unique. I’m sure you know families in similar situations in your church. Maybe you serve with your spouse and kids in Awana.

Family members involved in ministry together is a “win-win-win” proposition. Families grow, the church benefits, and both church members and guests reap the rewards.

Do you serve in church with members of your family? How’s that going?

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